February 15, 2016


Spectrum Protect Services

As Spectrum Protect specialists (formerly known as Tivoli Storage Manager) we offer the following services:

  • Remote Monitoring/Management Services
  • Spectrum Protect Auditing Services
  • Upgrade / New Features Implementations
  • Product Training
  • Software Subscription and Maintenance Renewals
  • License Audits / Compliance Reviews
  • New Licenses

Backup as a Service (BAAS)

We also provide bespoke managed backup solutions for clients using Spectrum Protect.  These solutions deliver:

  • Simplified monthly billing for backups
  • Little to no internal administration
  • Daily and monthly reporting
  • No more software licensing hassles (subject to assessment and approval)

For more information on how Service Elements can help you – please contact us.

Hardware Maintenance

Service Elements is able to provide competitive hardware maintenance post warranty coverage for a wide range of vendor equipment. We are able to assist you with getting this coverage in place for your production infrastructure. Contact us with your specific needs today on (02) 9719 0999.